Dnes je pondělí 19.3.2018
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  Mixed salad, vinaigrette sauce 32,-
  Melon skewer (prosciutto, lettuce, apple, melon) basil sauce with olive oil 125,-
  Salad (apple, nuts, blue cheese, tomatoes), garlic and honey sauce with olive oil 89,-
  Home made liver paté (whisky flavoured) 55,-
  Avocado and melon salad, olive oil and herb dressing 95,-
  Cream of carrot and potato soup with coconut milk 32,-
  Chicken soup with noodles 35,-
  Onion soup from beef broth with grilled cheese and white wine 45,-
  Pancake with spinach, white sauce and grilled cheese 72,-
  Pancake with ham, white sauce and grilled cheese 78,-
  Filled snails, butter- and garlic sauce 115,-
  Salad (French goat cheese, tomatoes,carrot, cucumber, egg, sauce with shallot and olive oil), toast 165,-
150g Marinated fillet of perch with mushrooms in red wine, steamed potatoes, broccoli with sesame 195,-
180g Grilled salmon steak with basil sauce, shallot and white wine, steamed potatoes and carrots 215,-
150g Tiger prawns marinated with onion and garlic, cream sauce, rice and green beans 242,-
240g Roasted chicken leg with bacon and garlic, french frite 130,-
180g Grilled pork neck with butter sauce and nuts, lettuce 131,-
150g Grilled chicken breast with pesta from dried tomatoes and onion...., lettuce 120,-
150g Grilled turkey breast with grilled vegetable (paprika, courgette, champignons, onion) 155,-
150g Turkey breast, white wine sauce with estragone, rice and haricot beans 165,-
150g Pork tenderloin, cream sauce with almonds and white wine, pomme dauphine 195,-
150g Leg of lamb with Provensal herbs and white wine sauce, spinach and steamed potatoes 210,-
150g Roast beef, sauce with Madeire and mushrooms, pomme dauphine 255,-
250g Frogs’ legs with white wine, spinach, rice 285,-
25g Roquefort + beurre 38,-
90g Brie 55,-
135g Assort de fromage (1 personne) 128,-
  Fruit salad, vanilla ice, whipped cream 58,-
  Sundae Look Coco: coconut ice cream, pineapple, whipped cream 60,-
  Fresh fruit salad 65,-
  Vanilla ice cream, liqueur, almonds, nuts, whipped cream 65,-
  French apple tart, caramel, whipped cream 35,-
  Pancake with ice cream, chocolate, whipped team 48,-
  Chocolate Mouse 60,-
  Home made cake, mascarpone, amaretto, raspberry topping, whipped team 69,-
  Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream 65,-
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